Designing the future of Web Design

 Responsive Design

The future of web design is a hot topic right now, with many designers voicing their hopes and ideas; some realistic and some strangely out there. Smartphones are already influencing the way websites are designed, and this trend will expand. Websites will start to be more interactive resulting in an improvement in the user experience. Content will also become a lot more personalized. Despite the increasing concerns about user privacy, the reality is that the technology we use knows a lot about us. The content that we access will become more personalized based on the things we like, browsing habits, our location, and mostly interests. read more

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Web Designing: The Minimalist Approach


Minimalism is reducing your work to the essential and using less to do more. Expressions of minimalism span multiple disciplines, as well as other art forms such as painting and literature. For website designers, though, minimalism can be very intimidating and takes time to master.

Minimalist web designs are simple, basic and conservative. The perception of the viewer overrules the personal ideas of the designer. This doesn’t mean that creating a minimal design requires less effort and expertise than a traditional design. read more

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